Are you ready?  Whether you want to explore local businesses, grab a bite to eat, or plan a vacation, Possum Park will suit your interests!

   Park Rules + Safety Tips   

  • Plan Your Trip - Please stay on marked trails and bring a buddy. Food, shops, stores, and vendor hours may vary. Click here to view Possum Park Map.

  • Litter - Please recycle appropriate litter and deposit trash in dumpsters. Leaving no trace of your visit helps the park remain beautiful and reduces the possibility of human/animal conflicts.

  • Pets - Protect pets and wildlife by keeping pets on leashes, no longer than 6 feet, at all times. 

  • Safe driving - Protect all park users and wildlife by obeying speed limits. No passengers under 18 are permitted in truck beds.

  • Wildlife - Keep wildlife wild. Do not feed or harass wildlife.

  • Hammocks Check with park staff about site-specific rules or requirements. No permanent anchors such as screws or eyebolts may be used. Hammocks may not be attached to park structures such as shade shelters, lantern posts, or buildings unless specifically authorized.

  • Tent camping Please camp only on designated camp pads or sites to protect fragile plants and minimize soil compaction.

  • Alcoholic Beverages and Food - BYOB is okay. No outside food. 




701 E. 53rd Street
Austin, Texas 78751 

Latitude: 30.315424

Longitude: -97.716664

Entrance Fees

Adult: Free

Child 12 Years & Under: Free

Private Events - Contact the Park

Hours - Open year round

Open daily. Stores, food trucks, concessions, shops, and vendor hours vary. 

Busy Season

Winter, Spring, Summer, and

Fall for all facilities


January average low is 34 degrees. July average high is 94 degrees.

First freeze occurs in early November. The last freeze occurs in early April.


191.0 m or 626.6 feet

Shops and Food

Food Trailers and Shop Hours 

vary. View the current list of food vendors and shops.